Wisdom - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Wisdom comes and wisdom flows.
Where it goes, no one knows.

We grasp it but can’t contain it.
It’s here now but gone in a minute.

Relax in the moment dear children.
Clear your mind and think.
All will come to you as quick as a blink.

For we’re all connected, you and me.
Even the flowers; even the trees.

God created this Universe for all of us to “be.”
Not to rush or to worry, but just to “be.”

Remember this children and your path will be joyous and happy.
Not treacherous and crappy.

It is God’s way to show you, you are meant for greatness.
Now go on your way and enjoy his presence for its all around you, each and every day.

Just waiting for you to realize what’s come your way.


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