Why I Choose The Name "Golden Spiral Press" For My Publishing Company

by Janie J

Inspiration and reflection are key to finding the right answer to your question. So, I pondered the question of what to call my publishing company in an appropriate place – the beach, more precisely Kure Beach, N.C. while on vacation.

I knew I wanted something timeless, meaningful, somewhat spiritual, and something that would carry my publishing company beyond the early books I had planned. (The Live Your Best Life Series available on Amazon.com) Somehow, I knew there would be more meaningful books to come, which I have since written and published (The Unimagined Awakening, The New I AM Document Vol I, available on Amazon.com.)

I was watching a movie, something I seldom do. It was actually more like a documentary. The core message was something about we are all on a journey. They explained about the Golden Spiral and the mathematical reasoning behind it. They also explained how the spiral is evident everywhere in our everyday life and what it symbolizes. They explained how the spiral had been present in past civilizations too and reiterated it symbolized a journey. 

I knew this was the right name for my publishing company, but a search on Google revealed a similar name was already taken, so I changed the last word of the name to Press.

Today, the name Golden Spiral Press is a registered trademark. I would say selecting a name for my company was through Divine inspiration, which is probably not the most common of routes, but then we are all on a journey.

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