What If

by Janie J

What if there were no mistakes in life?

What if, no matter which path you chose, it was not wrong, but instead led you right where you were supposed to be?

What kind of freedom would that give you? How much stress and anxiety would that take off your shoulders to know there is no such thing as a “mistake”?

My observation and reflections of life have brought to light that this is indeed true!

You see, those ‘detours’ or what others might call ‘mistakes’ are merely lessons, we are here to learn on our journey through life. Eventually, we all get back on the right path.

The other morning, I was out jogging in Pula, Croatia, making my way from the neighborhood to a walking/jogging path along the sea.

On the way back I was uncertain which way to go at the fork in the road. I picked one way. It turned out not to be the way I had ventured down to the sea. But it ended up back on the main road anyway.


The result -  I learned that each path would take me to the sea. Each path would take me back to the main road. And I found a new, different and equally as beautiful way. It made me feel bolder in my choices, more certain of myself, and not afraid of becoming ‘lost’.



It’s not just jogging in a new city where this applies. Think about your business life, your personal life and your spiritual or religious life. There is always more than one way to get where you want to be. Some would say the circuitous route is the one that led them to their greatest passion.

In business, it has been said that to fail fast and fail often is the quickest way to achieve your goals. Mistakes are often the quickest way to learn!

In personal growth, one is encouraged to reach outside our comfort zone so we can expand and more comfortably handle and enjoy our lives. Going out into the unknown will sometimes result in ‘mistakes’ or ‘lessons’, but that is all part of the growth process. We won’t grow at all if we don’t try.

It seems to me that the biggest mistake is not to stretch at all.

In spiritual or religious circles, the mantra is more of accepting that God or your higher power has a plan for us already and it’s up to us to discover and experience it.

With these thoughts in mind, why would we worry if we fail?? The worst that could happen is we’d be closer to where we want to be and will learn something along the way.

This brings me back to my point – if we knew we wouldn’t fail – what would we do?

I encourage you to be brave unafraid to fail and dream ‘What if?’ This is something we each need to learn to do.

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