WHAT ARE MIRACLES? Channeled from Pleiadian Masters

by Janie J

Continuing on this path of growth and enlightenment, next we will tackle the occurrence of miracles. 


Let’s be plain here; miracles are not miracles at all. They just seem like miracles because they are such a happy occurrence. 


Actually, a miracle is the manifestation of whatever a being creates. It’s created first in the mind - the conscious mind. This triggers behaviors within the sub-conscious mind to make your wish or wishes occur. Often, the help of others is elicited at a subconscious level. 


Because we are all eternally connected, our thoughts intertwine at times. This is how another being seemingly assists in the manifestation of your dreams, thus creating what humans deem a miracle.  


At times, these instances are quite complicated and interwoven. Things occur that appear to be totally unrelated, but in the end, the wish of one party (and possibly more) culminate in a situation deemed a miracle. 


We often go through life wanting and desiring a certain outcome but suddenly have an unrelated outcome. It might be shocking, debilitating, or even painful, but in the end if it’s your true desire, circumstances will again change and eventually lead to the originally- desired result. 


We’ve all seen, heard, or experienced events that would be deemed unfortunate, only to have these great low points in life turn into life’s high points, greatest achievement, or our heart’s desire. 


This is how it works. Our conscious mind develops the idea, plants the seed as it were. Our sub-conscious mind is then the taskmaster, taking minute steps to achieve this goal, often eliciting the unconscious help of others. 


Later, we will examine and explain more about the unseen connectedness we all have with each other. For now, it’s just important to understand that one’s goals or desires are not achieved in a vacuum consisting of only your conscious and subconscious mind. Often such miracles can only come to fruition with the unseen assistance of others. 


Such is the way of life, for we are all involved in the daily creation of miracles in the lives of others. 

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