The Value of Money

by Janie J

Often people believe money solves everything and automatically leads to a happy life. Many of us grow up believing these types of thoughts.

There are two things amiss with this type of thinking. First, you are stating indirectly that you are not happy now. You are stating that your happiness is dependent on something else (having enough money). You are not appreciating where you are now. You are ignoring the happiness you have. You are not being happy in the present.

The other issue is the “if only” syndrome. We spend so much of our time telling ourselves that “if only I had more money” then I’d be happy. In this way, we are withholding our own happiness. We are using this excuse to avoid being happy now.

These types of behaviors and thoughts are common, but if we want to change them, we must first be aware of them! Some suggestions are telling yourself:

  • I am working towards my financial goals.

  • I appreciate my many blessings.

  • I am happy now as I work toward my goals.

  • I am proud of myself for working diligently towards the life I envision for myself.

REMEMBER THE VALUE OF MONEY IS NOT IN THE MONEY ITSELF. Rather, the value comes from what money can do to improve your life, such as save time or have an experience you will remember.

Choose wisely.

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