Time at Sea - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Time at sea makes me ponder

What lies ahead out yonder.


Will it be joyous or full of sorrow?

Will I be happy again tomorrow?


I’ll not worry and just let it pass,

For my days are numbered, not meant to last.


Why not enjoy the time at sea

And just let life happen naturally?


Someday it will all come to pass

As I breathe my last.


Days are not measured by gold and mirth,

But rather by the growth that’s occurred.


Be well. Be wise my little child.

Enjoy your time all the while.


In due time, we’ll meet again.

You’ll be in my arms with just a grin.


Satisfaction will beam in both our eyes.

It’s only then that you’ll realize,


Life itself is really paradise.

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