The Purpose of Money

by Janie J

The purpose of money may not be what you think! I received the following guidance during my prayer/meditation time this summer.

Purpose #1 — To help us live the life we imagined! The reason is because without money it would be more difficult to manifest our dreams in this dimension. Money is not a bad thing. Remember, everything is energy, so tapping into the “money” field and attracting it to you will help one live their best life. Worrying about money causes the energy to money to deflect, keeping it further away from us.

Purpose #2 — To help us carry out our mission. It is the same with our missions. Money is a necessity to carry out most, if not all, missions in the earthly plane. Treat it wisely with love and concern and it will assist in your mission. Taunt it and focus on the lack of it and you’ll continue to get more of the same. I was reminded to think bigger. One’s mindset about the value of their offerings is key.

Purpose #3 — To teach us lessons. Your consciousness needs uplifting as do most if not all beings currently on the planet. For if they were already lifted, they would no longer be here and need to learn the lessons.

Summary — Eventually, as we grow as spiritual beings and learn the lessons, money as we know it will no longer be needed. (I was informed earlier that someday we will all learn how to manifest whatever we need or want, so the exchange of money will no longer be necessary.)

Humankind is on a mission — one to help each other lift consciousness to another level. Some know this now and are assisting. Others do not know this, yet they are assisting in their own way. By this we mean they exemplify the lessons in their daily life already without the assistance of a daily spiritual practice. Others have no clue and therefore need the help of everyone else — to serve as examples and to serve as teachers, even if it is at a peripheral level.

We all must learn so we all can advance.

Namaste. We send love and guidance. Your guides, All That Is, and the heavenly Jesus Christ.

This is not the first time my guides have discussed Money, but this time, the Purpose of Money was made clear. I hope you find this helpful.

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