As an author and spirit medium, I am asked, “How do you write a guided poem, and what is it anyway?”

To me, a “guided” poem is a fully formed poem that I just transcribe, not write. How does this happen? When I am in a relaxed state, I can hear or feel the words coming to me from another source. Sometimes it is from my spirit guides. Other times it seems to be a soulmate from another lifetime. The key is being in a relaxed state when my vibrational frequency is in tune with the source.

Those of us old enough to remember the Beatles may recall they once admitted to using drugs to magically write the words and music for their songs. I believe they used drugs to get to this relaxed state and could therefore “receive” the messages they were meant to gift humanity with.

More recently you may be aware of folks who travel to Peru, notably Machu Picchu, to experience higher levels of awareness or consciousness. They are guided by a shaman and use a drug called Ayahuasca.  They too can receive great insights and information to help them on their life journey.  I believe the drug helps them relax so they can tap into this source.

Some call this source of knowledge God, the Divine, Universal wisdom/consciousness, higher intuition, or your higher self. I call it “All That Is” because to me anyway, it can be anyone or anything.

The point is not what you call it. The point is accessing this higher level of consciousness so you can gain insights or understanding to help you on your current life’s journey. You can also use this method to be creative because you are tapping into divine wisdom.

This wisdom is available to EVERYONE, and you don’t need drugs to access it. You just need a way, a method, or a system to get yourself relaxed enough that your brainwaves are vibrating at the right frequency. Think of it like a radio, when you don’t get the station unless you are on the right frequency.

People have been doing this “connecting” for centuries. That is what meditation can do for you. Some people can get there doing yoga and pilates. Others can get to this relaxed state via jogging. Yes, even jogging! I have had many lifetimes exposed while doing long 10 mile runs to build up my endurance!

What all these methods have in common is deep breathing, which brings a state of calmness to one’s being. These methods teach your body how to slow down to the present moment, forget your “to do” list, and just learn to “be.” This is something that we have forgotten how to do with the busy lifestyles of today!

The good thing about discovering a method that works for you is that your body will easily and automatically go to this state once you practice it enough! I remember taking a yoga class after I learned how to connect. It only took two breaths and I clearly heard, “you’re in,” meaning I was in the relaxed state!

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-follow method to tap into higher consciousness, that doesn’t involve exercise or drugs, I have you covered!

If you want to learn how to deal with today’s issues, be a better human, live a more peaceful and happier life, or be more creative, then I invite you to download my free Connect to Transform Process ™  at


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