Rainbows - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Rainbows are considered God’s gift to us, a little boost of happiness, as it were. The reason is two-fold.


Number one, a Rainbow only exists under a special set of circumstances: rain and sunshine. These two features seldom show up on the same day, so it’s a special occasion when they do.


Secondly, Rainbows are here to show that brighter days are coming, even when we are experiencing dark days. It’s amazing how just looking at a Rainbow can put joy back into our heart. It’s like a pitcher that just filled you with precious holy water! A smile returns to your face, your worries are washed away or cleared away and you can see the light – the goodness in life again.


Yes, Rainbows are here to show God’s promise of better days to come, giving us hope, joy and love along the sometimes-treacherous path of life.


When you are feeling down and desperate, ask God to give you a Rainbow and he will bless you with this special favor.


Remember, all you need to do is ask.

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