Poems About Souls Connecting - A Guided Poem Experience

by Janie J

These poems about souls connecting came to me as guided experiences.

What is guided poetry?

It is an idea for a poem that comes to me in a meditative state. It's different than a download, which is receiving something in its entirety from my Spirit Guides, the Creator or other spiritual sources. I feel guided through feelings as I am composing it. I wrote my poetry for many years before sharing it with anyone, much less publish it for all to see.

What is the meaning of each poem?

That is for you to decide. Yes, these were poems that I was guided to write and quite often they spoke to times and situations in my life, but since we are all connected, I know that there will be something that speaks to you as well.

Questions to ask yourself.

Why are you looking for poems about souls connecting? Did you lose someone? Did you find someone? Are you searching for someone? Take time to reflect and feel your own connectedness to "All That Is."


Remnants of Our Souls

The water rushes over the rocks.
One by one uncovering what remains.
The remnants of our souls
Laid bare for all to see.
Those sacred places where the water has touched and shaped our souls into their present state.

A blessed activity,
The shaping of our souls.
We help each other to do the shaping.
Never forget how we are interconnected.

Never forget that even our souls are One Universal Consciousness.



Those first kisses
Tender and true
That’s how I remembered you.

A knowing; a wanting
Safe and secure
A Love rediscovered
Once it matured.

Lost lifetimes ago
I’d been searching in vain
Wondering why things
Were never the same.

Somehow my soul and
My body knew
But my mind wasn’t sure
Just what to do.

Laid my head on your chest
Felt your warm embrace
Such tenderness took me
To a new place.

The place I call home
Where I’ll always be
Where I am with you
And you are with me.

Home’s not a house
But a feeling instead.
One that lingers
Long after life’s been shed.


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