Nature - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Commune with nature

And heed the call

For we’re all God’s children.

Come one, come all.


Being in nature

Makes us slow down.

Worries wash away

Like a soft flowing gown.


Commune with nature

And learn to “be.”

The calmness will stay

For all eternity.


For once we tap into

Our great divine,

We’ll feel different

All of the time.


This newfound calmness

Is such a gift.

No longer anger.

No longer rift.


Share it with others

So, all will know

The key to Oneness,

The key to flow.


For as God’s creatures

We all need to learn

How to commune

In the great big earth.


Teach others to be mindful

Life their spirits up.

Let all the goodness

Fill God’s cup.




Overflow it like water,

Simple and pure.

Heal sickness and sadness

In one magic cure.


God’s great bounty

Is for all to enjoy.

Just open your eyes

And you’ll know why.


We’re all connected.

Yes, it’s true.

Be wiser my dears

As the truth comes to you.

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