My Heartfelt Prayer - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Wonderful Lord,

Our God above,

Thank you for the blessing

Of the one I love.


Let us always be together,

Just him and I.

Let us do your work

As time goes by.


For we are just cogs

In this wheel called life.

Each with our part.

Each with our strife.


(God’s answer.)

Do not be burdened

By the lessons you learn

It’s all for a reason,

That you can be sure.


Be happy. Be prosperous.

Be filled with joy.

For yours is a journey

Meant to enjoy


Treasure the moments

As best you can,

For in a flash

It will all turn to sand.


God loves his children

One and all.

You and your loved one

Must heed the call.


Embrace your love

And treasure it all.

It’s a gift from God

No order too tall.


Someday you’ll look back

And see in a flash

All your dreams came together,

Just as you asked.


We are all One, dear.

Don’t ever forget.

Your wish is my command,

Your dreams heaven-sent.


It’s all magic

And the way of God.

Show all mankind

Just how it’s done.


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