Money - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Money is awesome. 

That much is true. 

But its value is based 

On what it can do for you. 


Spend it wisely. 

Buy things for good. 

Others will thank you 

As they rightly should. 


Squander it selfishly 

And you’ll never know 

Just what goodness 

Was meant to unfold. 


Be wise my friends. 

Money’s a gift. 

Use it smartly 

For humanity’s benefit. 


Money is abundant 

That much we know. 

You must release fear 

And just let it flow. 


Money can flow 

Just like the wind. 

Change your vibration 

And it comes back again. 


It’s meant to flow 

With grace and ease 

So that you my dear 

Can do as you please. 


Be mindful dear souls 

For money’s ways 

Are meant to teach you 

For all of your days. 

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