Lies and Trepidations

by Janie J

We all tell lies. It’s the reasons behind the Lies that get us in trouble and lead to Trepidation.


Trepidation is the cause of much misery and pain, for it is the consequence of abusing the truth for personal gain.


Take this example: A farmer raises his crop or sheep, whatever the product, it doesn’t matter. When he goes to market he lies about the value of the item, by inflating its qualities. Later, the buyers realize they were duped and complain. He ignores their complaints and refuses to compensate them, so they spread the word (truthfully) about what happened.


In a matter of time, the farmer is destitute because no one will buy from him.


This scenario depicts the consequence of lying and the Trepidation that will follow if one chooses this path.  It is much better my friends, to be truthful from the beginning than to reap the later rewards (or consequences.)


This lesson, when learned, will help one evolve as a better being.

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