Kindness - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

The cure for loneliness,

The cure for illness

Is a bit of kindness.

It will make all the difference.


Think of your brother

Old and worn.

Think of a woman

Filled with scorn.


Think what a difference

A small bit would mean.

Just a drop of kindness

Added to the scene.


We don’t know

What others may think

How their trials could

Disappear in a blink.


For all it takes

My dear friend

Is a bit of kindness

One can easily send.


So be intentionally.

Spread the joy.

All will benefit

With a life to enjoy.


God wants us to learn

To be good men and good women.

Part of the path to

Our own slice of heaven.


For without each other

We are nothing alone

Just a life without meaning,

No sense of home.



But together, we strive.

A new sense of well-being.

Our connectedness rediscovered,

Life has new meaning.


Keep trying my friends

One day all man will know

The feeling of togetherness,

The feeling of flow.


It all starts with kindness

So do your part.

Send a bit to each other

Straight from your heart.

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