This blog is a repository for the articles, poems and written ideas that are presented by -- and to -- Janie J through her connection to All That Is, which includes those people who write and produce their own insights through their own journey.

Nature - A Guided Poem
Commune with nature And heed the call For we’re all God’s children. Come one, come all.   Being in nature Makes us slow down. Worries wash away Like a soft flowing gown.   Commune with nature And learn to “be.” The calmness will stay For all eternity.   For once we tap into Ou...
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My Heartfelt Prayer - A Guided Poem
Wonderful Lord, Our God above, Thank you for the blessing Of the one I love.   Let us always be together, Just him and I. Let us do your work As time goes by.   For we are just cogs In this wheel called life. Each with our part. Each with our strife.   (God’s […]...
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Commitments - A Guided Poem
Commitments come and commitments go, Just as the ocean ebbs and flows. Once the lessons are learned, It’s your time to go.   Be alert to the reason. Let go of the fear. It’s part of the process While we are here.   Do not fret. Do not cry For at sometime We all say […]...
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Our Journey to Love
One can create joy and happiness in their life once they know how But will still feel an abiding lack until they learn how to attract love into their lives too. For with the love and devotion of a good mate, We are still just existing It’s all about the LOVE. How to find it, […]...
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Lost Love — A Guided Poem
Once young and carefree Looking for love Not knowing where It might be. A chance meeting Led to a match But was it a love Meant to last? He was certain And knew in his heart They should be together Never to part. Worried and ambitious With mountains to climb She had big goals Etched […]...
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Memorable thoughts – What Americans Can Learn from Europeans
Every time I go to Europe, I learn lessons to take back home to the United States. These are good refreshers of the things I have learned about life from the Europeans that I wish to incorporate into my everyday life. Let me share a few of these observances with you. Savor the moment, whether [&hell...
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Looking for Happiness is NOT the Secret to Becoming Happy
The secret to happiness is positivity. But you don’t need to spend thousands of hours sitting in lotus, going to expensive therapists, or buying new things to get it. What you need is to reset your default mindset for POSITIVITY. If you’ve struggled to stay positive and “see the bright side,...
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Getting Past Heartbreak and Pain
We have all had it happen. The love of our life that didn’t return our feelings. Our spouse who let us down through infidelity or death. The child who did not rise to our expectations. Our friend or co-worker who let us down in a time of need. We have all experienced such heartbreak, disappointmen...
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Your Mindset
What is mindset if you don’t know? It’s the way you look at the world and everything in it. It’s how your mind (your brain) processes your current situation. It’s how you look at things, your environment, and your very own life. Surely there will be times that aren’t all rosy, and cheerful...
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Why I Choose The Name "Golden Spiral Press" For My Publishing Company
Inspiration and reflection are key to finding the right answer to your question. So, I pondered the question of what to call my publishing company in an appropriate place – the beach, more precisely Kure Beach, N.C. while on vacation. I knew I wanted something timeless, meaningful, somewhat spirit...
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