This blog is a repository for the articles, poems and written ideas that are presented by -- and to -- Janie J through her connection to All That Is, which includes those people who write and produce their own insights through their own journey.

An Ocean’s Embrace - A Guided Poem
Wild and wondrous ocean, Your ebb and flow calm me. Just a walk on the beach And I’m renewed and free.   As I go along the shore, Please continue the pace For your touch feels Like a warm embrace.   Why is it so? What causes this? It’s because we’re all One With All […]...
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Prayer of Love - A Guided Poem
Heavenly Father above, let me give a prayer of love.   For we know not The time or place When we’ll be called home Finishing our race.   Let us be peaceful Calm and wise. Let us be happy All of our lives.   For you have given us Many lessons to learn: A chance […]...
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Happiness - A Guided Poem
Happiness O’ happiness. How do I find? Remember my dears It’s all in your mind.   It’s there all along Waiting for you. Just open your eyes And life will renew.   It just takes A new look As each chapter unfolds, Much like a book.   We must learn to observe With new-found eyes [...
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The Path - A Guided Poem
Wondrous God above, When will I see the one I love? Be held in her arms so tight That all the world seems right.   I’ll patiently wait for that day Nary a thing will get in the way For she loves me And I love her.   Never a time will we be apart. […]...
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What Can Cause a Burning Desire?
Big life changes are often prompted by a “burning desire.” You see, we humans often require a virtual kick in the head to get us going on our path. This path or journey as it’s sometimes called, is necessary so we can learn and grow as part of the human experience.   But what exactly [&he...
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Kindness - A Guided Poem
The cure for loneliness, The cure for illness Is a bit of kindness. It will make all the difference.   Think of your brother Old and worn. Think of a woman Filled with scorn.   Think what a difference A small bit would mean. Just a drop of kindness Added to the scene.   We […]...
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A Past Life Snippet
(Author:) I want to see a past life snippet.   (Spirit Guides:) Roses are red Violets are blue Why should we do Anything for you?   (Author:) ‘Cause I’m made For greatness As are we all. Now please go ahead And answer the call.   (Spirit Guides:) Your man is an Indian - Wise and [...
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Bumpy Roads
None of us want to encounter bumpy roads, but that is when we grow. That’s where we develop faith. That’s when the Divine teaches us important lessons.   Learn to appreciate the bumpy roads, for they shape you into the person He wants you to become.   Without the bumpy roads, you won...
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Times of Trouble
  We all have times of trouble. It’s how we respond to them that makes all the difference.   Do we lash out at others in blame? Do we try to solve the issue or cave into the new demands? Do we treat the affected parties with kindness and grace? Do we accept our part […]...
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Blessings - A Guided Poem
Thank you, God for the blessings Bestowed on me. Keep me safe and warm And mindful of thee.   May worries and strife Slip away like fine wine Not even noticed, Ever so sublime.   Let me remember Come one and all. That we’re related. Let’s heed the call.   Someday, sometime, In a f...
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