The Gift Each Morning Brings

by Janie J

Each morning we receive a gift from God, our Creator, Source, the Universe, or whomever / whatever you believe in.

It is not just the wonderful gift of another glorious day on the planet for which we should be eternally grateful.

No … There is a much bigger gift we receive.

You see, early in the morning when we first awaken and before we are truly, fully awake and amidst all the robust activities of the day, we receive another great gift.

It is the gift of connection to Universe and all that is.

Yep, that’s a big one to understand.

You see, at that time our brains are more malleable and open to change. It is a time when we are more relaxed and able and willing to listen to new ideas.

It is when we are more open and able to listen to our higher power, or some would say – our higher consciousness.

If this doesn’t make sense to you yet on your spiritual journey, just suffice it to say, it does happen, and YOU can take advantage of it.

Here is how:

Instead of spending part of your first waking hour or two on things like watching the news or social media, instead – learn to meditate, quiet your mind, be mindful, LISTEN and ASK questions for which you need direction.

You will learn things about yourself, life, mankind, and how you can live a better life.

This works best because you are already in a semi-relaxed state and your vibrations are high. Once you are side-tracked with daily hustle and bustle, it’s harder to get in this deeper meditative state.

I know this works because it works for me.

It works for others too. If you have ever heard of “Conversations with God” by Neil Donald Walsh, “A Course in Miracles”, or “Ask and It is Given” by Esther Hicks, then you already know that one can connect with other sources and receive direct information to share with the masses.

I routinely do this when meditating. I have received great guidance and wisdom. I have even transcribed an entire book using this method (to be released soon).

This is something WE ALL can do. The best time to do so is the early morning when we are relaxed, our vibrations are high, and we are most open to receiving/learning what we need to know.

Open this “gift” every morning and start guiding yourself to a higher consciousness.

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