Feelings are the Key - A Guided Poem

by Janie J

Quiet time, reflective time.
Time to soak up the sunshine.
Time to change like the waves.
Time to reinvent oneself to
A better way of life.

A life more harmonious
More in tune with each other,
A life more divine and
In touch with God.

But how will I do this
You may surmise.
It’s all in your feelings
As they ebb and they rise.

Get in touch with those feelings
And your answers will appear.
All will be joyous and happy
As your new life comes near.

Will your loved one be there
Or on his way?
No one knows for sure
Even God cannot say.

Just continue to love them
And think of the best.
Timeliness and love
Will take care of the rest.


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