Operating from a Place of Love To Change the World

by Janie J

What if life as we know it could change on a dime? What if it was totally within our power and capabilities to do so?

Would you be willing? Would you help? Do you even want to see our relationships, our country and even our world change to a place of peace and understanding?

If you do desire this outcome (and quite frankly we all should), then I invite you to try to view life through the eyes of LOVE.

But how will that work and what does that even mean?

It means seeking understanding with others verses blame.

It means stepping into their shoes and trying to understand why they act in a certain way or say certain things. You will likely discover that they are merely responding to FEAR.

Fear is a normal human emotion, but it can be transcended. What? What does that even mean and more importantly — How can one do it?

Fear can be transcended and actually transmitted into Love. It takes awareness. It takes boldness, and it takes relentless effort.

You see, once we realize that FEAR is the emotion behind our actions or the actions of others, we can choose to look at life differently.

We can recognize fear and do something about it. We can be understanding. We can decide to change our belief from FEAR to UNDERSTANDING. Then we can take that understanding and try to figure out what lesson we are to learn.

For example, perhaps a person:

  • bad-mouths another
  • blames another
  • elicits hate towards another

These are merely examples of FEAR. Unfortunately at present, there are many people operating from a place of FEAR.

If understanding were more prevalent, perhaps people would realize, for example:

  • Joe is fearful of losing his rights so he lashes out at others
  • Maria is fearful of her health so she blames others.
  • Cathy is fearful of losing her money so she lashes out at others.
  • Michael is fearful of losing his business so he lashes out at government officials

All are very real worries, especially to those concerned. Their worries and fears and lashing out are not helpful though. It just leads to more fears, and mounting ones at that.

Instead we should seek to understand the fears of others, offer them support however we can. Make suggestions or at least try to open their eyes to other solutions instead of remaining stuck in their negative or fear-based thinking, This should be done gently, not with an air of superiority.

Basically, it would be operating from a place of love. Be kind. Be supportive. Just love those who are fearful. Eventually, they might just feel the love and it could soften their worries and absolve their fears.

Just think — by your kind and loving example, you could help put their fears at ease.

This is a simplified version, but worthy of contemplation, for we are ALL much more powerful than we can even imagine.

Our small acts of kindness and understanding can transmute the fear of others, eventually into love, for LOVE is the strongest force in the Universe. It is LOVE that will save us. It is love that will raise the consciousness of mankind, change the world and lift us up to a higher level of being.

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