Every time I go to Europe, I learn lessons to take back home to the United States. These are good refreshers of the things I have learned about life from the Europeans that I wish to incorporate into my everyday life. Let me share a few of these observances with you.

Savor the moment, whether it is an outstanding view of the Swiss Alps from an elevated vantage point, the intricate details of the church’s stain glass windows or memorable façade, the succulent dessert that seems to melt in your mouth, or the pace of life where each moment is savored.

Yes, each moment is worth savoring! Somehow, we Americans tend to forget such blessings once we enter into our everyday hectic lives.

Sit and ponder. Think about what life used to be like and how life has changed. This is especially interesting when in Europe where the history is deep, and the buildings remind you of times of the past.

Not so much in the USA, but we can still ponder. We can think about what we really want in life, the types of relationships, places we want to visit, and what our dream job might be. You can use your mind to go to a different place just by wondering.

Instead, we often worry about where we will go next. We are too busy checking Instagram or Facebook that we cannot relax. We don’t take the time to soak in the moment and enjoy the afternoon tea or talking with a new friend. We rush through the museums or amusement parks, with a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Europeans don’t live like that! They are never in a hurry to get their bill at the coffee shop or restaurant. Enjoying a meal is a treat to be savored. The connection with others is treasured. There is no hurry to end the conversation to go to the next thing on a to-do list.

They make provisions for bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, trams, buses, and automobiles. There are plenty of ramps for the elderly or disabled so they too can take part in the community aspect of a town or even a large city. There is a sense of inclusion. Everyone is accommodated at their own pace.

Restaurants and cafes are prolific! These little escapades are constant reminders to slow down and enjoy life. No drive-throughs and hurry up and eat in your car before heading back to the office or your next errand.

Flowers and trees are everywhere! They border the streetside cafes, delineating the separation from the adjoining café. They provide the ambiance of being outside in a garden even though the noisy traffic is just feet away. They use every opportunity to create memorable spaces so as to savor the moments.

With tables outside, it provides an easy way to get your daily sunshine, which many Americans seem to avoid or don’t have time for. Due to the density of structures and buildings, it forces people to walk, and walking is so good for us – physically and mentally.

This is something Americans tend to forget unless of course they are on a treadmill. It is much better and easier to incorporate these lifestyle changes into your life instead of changing things all together. This is an easy way to make improvements to your everyday life.

Learn to enjoy the coffee/tea break with a colleague. Enjoy the walk to the bistro if possible. Sit outside and hear the birds and smell the fragrances of the flowers. Cut your server some slack and try not to be in a rush.

Remember we are all people, trying to get by the best we can. Maybe the best we can do is to savor the moment and learn to enjoy life along the way.

Maybe we need to remember that life is not a race, but a journey to be savored, much like the French croissant that smells and tastes so delicious.

Yes, we Americans have much to learn from the Europeans. Perhaps it is time to integrate some of Europe into our lives!

What is mindset if you don’t know? It’s the way you look at the world and everything in it. It’s how your mind (your brain) processes your current situation. It’s how you look at things, your environment, and your very own life.

Surely there will be times that aren’t all rosy, and cheerful. Times of death and destruction and great loss - not just to buildings and things - but great loss of life. Unbearable loss where we think we just cannot go on another day, another hour, or another minute.

In those times it’s especially important to maintain a good mindset. One way to do so is to remember these things:

This too shall pass.

It’s part of learning a lesson.

God never gives you more than you can handle.

At these times, it’s important to look for Hope. Look for Gratitude and express these thoughts to others.


Inspiration and reflection are key to finding the right answer to your question. So, I pondered the question of what to call my publishing company in an appropriate place – the beach, more precisely Kure Beach, N.C. while on vacation.

I knew I wanted something timeless, meaningful, somewhat spiritual, and something that would carry my publishing company beyond the early books I had planned. (The Live Your Best Life Series available on Amazon.com) Somehow, I knew there would be more meaningful books to come, which I have since written and published (The Unimagined Awakening, The New I AM Document Vol I, available on Amazon.com.)

I was watching a movie, something I seldom do. It was actually more like a documentary. The core message was something about we are all on a journey. They explained about the Golden Spiral and the mathematical reasoning behind it. They also explained how the spiral is evident everywhere in our everyday life and what it symbolizes. They explained how the spiral had been present in past civilizations too and reiterated it symbolized a journey. 

I knew this was the right name for my publishing company, but a search on Google revealed a similar name was already taken, so I changed the last word of the name to Press.

Today, the name Golden Spiral Press is a registered trademark. I would say selecting a name for my company was through Divine inspiration, which is probably not the most common of routes, but then we are all on a journey.

As an author and spirit medium, I am asked, “How do you write a guided poem, and what is it anyway?”

To me, a “guided” poem is a fully formed poem that I just transcribe, not write. How does this happen? When I am in a relaxed state, I can hear or feel the words coming to me from another source. Sometimes it is from my spirit guides. Other times it seems to be a soulmate from another lifetime. The key is being in a relaxed state when my vibrational frequency is in tune with the source.

Those of us old enough to remember the Beatles may recall they once admitted to using drugs to magically write the words and music for their songs. I believe they used drugs to get to this relaxed state and could therefore “receive” the messages they were meant to gift humanity with.

More recently you may be aware of folks who travel to Peru, notably Machu Picchu, to experience higher levels of awareness or consciousness. They are guided by a shaman and use a drug called Ayahuasca.  They too can receive great insights and information to help them on their life journey.  I believe the drug helps them relax so they can tap into this source.

Some call this source of knowledge God, the Divine, Universal wisdom/consciousness, higher intuition, or your higher self. I call it “All That Is” because to me anyway, it can be anyone or anything.

The point is not what you call it. The point is accessing this higher level of consciousness so you can gain insights or understanding to help you on your current life’s journey. You can also use this method to be creative because you are tapping into divine wisdom.

This wisdom is available to EVERYONE, and you don’t need drugs to access it. You just need a way, a method, or a system to get yourself relaxed enough that your brainwaves are vibrating at the right frequency. Think of it like a radio, when you don’t get the station unless you are on the right frequency.

People have been doing this “connecting” for centuries. That is what meditation can do for you. Some people can get there doing yoga and pilates. Others can get to this relaxed state via jogging. Yes, even jogging! I have had many lifetimes exposed while doing long 10 mile runs to build up my endurance!

What all these methods have in common is deep breathing, which brings a state of calmness to one’s being. These methods teach your body how to slow down to the present moment, forget your “to do” list, and just learn to “be.” This is something that we have forgotten how to do with the busy lifestyles of today!

The good thing about discovering a method that works for you is that your body will easily and automatically go to this state once you practice it enough! I remember taking a yoga class after I learned how to connect. It only took two breaths and I clearly heard, “you’re in,” meaning I was in the relaxed state!

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-follow method to tap into higher consciousness, that doesn’t involve exercise or drugs, I have you covered!

If you want to learn how to deal with today’s issues, be a better human, live a more peaceful and happier life, or be more creative, then I invite you to download my free Connect to Transform Process ™  at www.TheNewIamMovement.com/transform.


Find out more about my mission to uplevel the consciousness of mankind, one soul at a time at www.TheNewIamMovement.com.


"Your calling is not a conference call.

YESS!! I recently heard this statement from Emmanuel Acho (author of Uncomfortable Conversation with a Black Man) in an interview for Stephen Covey’s “On Leadership” podcast. It resonated with me and is a great lesson for everyone to embrace!

We all have hopes, dreams, goals, and (hopefully, someday) a mission in life. Your mission is often called a “calling,” something you feel compelled to do during your lifetime.

Often when we are hit with the clarity of what to do in life, we excitedly share it with others. They may not be nearly as enthused as we are. It’s not their goal, their mission, or their calling. They don’t think it’s such a great idea and will tell you numerous reasons why your idea won’t work and/or be a colossal failure. Don't invite them "onto the call" if they aren't fully invested in YOU.

Don’t listen to them! There are hundreds of naysayers for every good idea.

Remember this:

  • It’s easy to criticize the ideas of others. It is much easier than pursuing their own goals, in fact.
  • They don’t feel the same commitment as you do. They aren’t in tune with God’s plan for you. Only you can tune into that.
  • Your opinion of yourself and your capabilities is a far better indicator than the opinions of others.
  • Lastly, your calling is not a conference call. You should be following your feelings, your intuition, or (as some would say) your gut.
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