The purpose of money may not be what you think! I received the following guidance during my prayer/meditation time this summer.

Purpose #1 — To help us live the life we imagined! The reason is because without money it would be more difficult to manifest our dreams in this dimension. Money is not a bad thing. Remember, everything is energy, so tapping into the “money” field and attracting it to you will help one live their best life. Worrying about money causes the energy to money to deflect, keeping it further away from us.

Purpose #2 — To help us carry out our mission. It is the same with our missions. Money is a necessity to carry out most, if not all, missions in the earthly plane. Treat it wisely with love and concern and it will assist in your mission. Taunt it and focus on the lack of it and you’ll continue to get more of the same. I was reminded to think bigger. One’s mindset about the value of their offerings is key.

Purpose #3 — To teach us lessons. Your consciousness needs uplifting as do most if not all beings currently on the planet. For if they were already lifted, they would no longer be here and need to learn the lessons.

Summary — Eventually, as we grow as spiritual beings and learn the lessons, money as we know it will no longer be needed. (I was informed earlier that someday we will all learn how to manifest whatever we need or want, so the exchange of money will no longer be necessary.)

Humankind is on a mission — one to help each other lift consciousness to another level. Some know this now and are assisting. Others do not know this, yet they are assisting in their own way. By this we mean they exemplify the lessons in their daily life already without the assistance of a daily spiritual practice. Others have no clue and therefore need the help of everyone else — to serve as examples and to serve as teachers, even if it is at a peripheral level.

We all must learn so we all can advance.

Namaste. We send love and guidance. Your guides, All That Is, and the heavenly Jesus Christ.

This is not the first time my guides have discussed Money, but this time, the Purpose of Money was made clear. I hope you find this helpful.

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Big life changes are often prompted by a “burning desire.” You see, we humans often require a virtual kick in the head to get us going on our path. This path or journey as it’s sometimes called, is necessary so we can learn and grow as part of the human experience.


But what exactly is a burning desire and what does it look like?


First of all, a burning desire is that thing that ignites you, puts a fire in your soul, gets you off your butt, and causes you to start taking concerted action in your life to improve it. This could be looking in the mirror and seeing an overweight and out of shape body and saying to yourself, “It’s time to do something about it.” It could be waking up drunk again, amidst your own vomit, resulting in a job loss or your spouse leaving. It might be shooting up to get high while you live under a bridge, homeless and broke.


In other words, it is your rock bottom. Rock bottom looks different to everyone, so it’s best not to judge just when/if someone else will hit their rock bottom. The key is being aware that you have hit yours and taking that burning desire within you to do something about it. Using that energy to push yourself forward, to push through the pain, to push through the disappointments, whatever it takes – to get your life going in a better direction!


We have all seen examples of this type of burning desire and what it does to the life of the person affected.


But another way to ignite a burning desire is less known. This way is with the influence of another person. Sometimes we meet someone special, such as a soul mate, and we are driven to do things we would not ordinarily do. Wild things. Crazy things. Certifiable crazy things. Yep, that is what a burning desire lit by the passion of another being can do!


Others won’t understand. They will be perplexed. They will wonder: how can that person leave their spouse, quit their ‘good’ job, move, or sell their home? They don’t understand why a person will do whatever is necessary, regardless of cost or difficulty, and even the perception of others.


What has occurred is someone is experiencing a “burning desire” lit by passion.


Why is it important to understand these phenomenon? Simply put, it is for your own growth and understanding.  You will undoubtedly know when you hit your personal rock bottom, but you might not be aware of the affect another could have on you to spur or light a burning desire within you. You also might not be aware that you could be the spark lighting another person’s burning desire.


So be aware, keep your light shining. Serve as an example for others. Take the high road. Do your best. Others are watching. Others are learning. For one of them, you might just be the light which ignites their burning desire!


I want to see a past life snippet.


(Spirit Guides:)

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Why should we do

Anything for you?



‘Cause I’m made

For greatness

As are we all.

Now please go ahead

And answer the call.


(Spirit Guides:)

Your man is an Indian -

Wise and true.

You are his woman -

Treasured, but blue.


Your origins were different

From his wise ways.

White folks were your parents

Living the American way.


Your children were many

Much to their dismay.

Lonely and in isolation,

You lived out your days.


For once your man gave you the children

He took his own life.

Not really on purpose

But to save his poor wife.


His journey was short

But painfully true

That we’re all related and

Actions of other do affect you.

What is mindset if you don’t know? It’s the way you look at the world and everything in it. It’s how your mind (your brain) processes your current situation. It’s how you look at things, your environment, and your very own life.

Surely there will be times that aren’t all rosy, and cheerful. Times of death and destruction and great loss - not just to buildings and things - but great loss of life. Unbearable loss where we think we just cannot go on another day, another hour, or another minute.

In those times it’s especially important to maintain a good mindset. One way to do so is to remember these things:

This too shall pass.

It’s part of learning a lesson.

God never gives you more than you can handle.

At these times, it’s important to look for Hope. Look for Gratitude and express these thoughts to others.


What if life as we know it could change on a dime? What if it was totally within our power and capabilities to do so?

Would you be willing? Would you help? Do you even want to see our relationships, our country and even our world change to a place of peace and understanding?

If you do desire this outcome (and quite frankly we all should), then I invite you to try to view life through the eyes of LOVE.

But how will that work and what does that even mean?

It means seeking understanding with others verses blame.

It means stepping into their shoes and trying to understand why they act in a certain way or say certain things. You will likely discover that they are merely responding to FEAR.

Fear is a normal human emotion, but it can be transcended. What? What does that even mean and more importantly — How can one do it?

Fear can be transcended and actually transmitted into Love. It takes awareness. It takes boldness, and it takes relentless effort.

You see, once we realize that FEAR is the emotion behind our actions or the actions of others, we can choose to look at life differently.

We can recognize fear and do something about it. We can be understanding. We can decide to change our belief from FEAR to UNDERSTANDING. Then we can take that understanding and try to figure out what lesson we are to learn.

For example, perhaps a person:

  • bad-mouths another
  • blames another
  • elicits hate towards another

These are merely examples of FEAR. Unfortunately at present, there are many people operating from a place of FEAR.

If understanding were more prevalent, perhaps people would realize, for example:

  • Joe is fearful of losing his rights so he lashes out at others
  • Maria is fearful of her health so she blames others.
  • Cathy is fearful of losing her money so she lashes out at others.
  • Michael is fearful of losing his business so he lashes out at government officials

All are very real worries, especially to those concerned. Their worries and fears and lashing out are not helpful though. It just leads to more fears, and mounting ones at that.

Instead we should seek to understand the fears of others, offer them support however we can. Make suggestions or at least try to open their eyes to other solutions instead of remaining stuck in their negative or fear-based thinking, This should be done gently, not with an air of superiority.

Basically, it would be operating from a place of love. Be kind. Be supportive. Just love those who are fearful. Eventually, they might just feel the love and it could soften their worries and absolve their fears.

Just think — by your kind and loving example, you could help put their fears at ease.

This is a simplified version, but worthy of contemplation, for we are ALL much more powerful than we can even imagine.

Our small acts of kindness and understanding can transmute the fear of others, eventually into love, for LOVE is the strongest force in the Universe. It is LOVE that will save us. It is love that will raise the consciousness of mankind, change the world and lift us up to a higher level of being.

As an author and spirit medium, I am asked, “How do you write a guided poem, and what is it anyway?”

To me, a “guided” poem is a fully formed poem that I just transcribe, not write. How does this happen? When I am in a relaxed state, I can hear or feel the words coming to me from another source. Sometimes it is from my spirit guides. Other times it seems to be a soulmate from another lifetime. The key is being in a relaxed state when my vibrational frequency is in tune with the source.

Those of us old enough to remember the Beatles may recall they once admitted to using drugs to magically write the words and music for their songs. I believe they used drugs to get to this relaxed state and could therefore “receive” the messages they were meant to gift humanity with.

More recently you may be aware of folks who travel to Peru, notably Machu Picchu, to experience higher levels of awareness or consciousness. They are guided by a shaman and use a drug called Ayahuasca.  They too can receive great insights and information to help them on their life journey.  I believe the drug helps them relax so they can tap into this source.

Some call this source of knowledge God, the Divine, Universal wisdom/consciousness, higher intuition, or your higher self. I call it “All That Is” because to me anyway, it can be anyone or anything.

The point is not what you call it. The point is accessing this higher level of consciousness so you can gain insights or understanding to help you on your current life’s journey. You can also use this method to be creative because you are tapping into divine wisdom.

This wisdom is available to EVERYONE, and you don’t need drugs to access it. You just need a way, a method, or a system to get yourself relaxed enough that your brainwaves are vibrating at the right frequency. Think of it like a radio, when you don’t get the station unless you are on the right frequency.

People have been doing this “connecting” for centuries. That is what meditation can do for you. Some people can get there doing yoga and pilates. Others can get to this relaxed state via jogging. Yes, even jogging! I have had many lifetimes exposed while doing long 10 mile runs to build up my endurance!

What all these methods have in common is deep breathing, which brings a state of calmness to one’s being. These methods teach your body how to slow down to the present moment, forget your “to do” list, and just learn to “be.” This is something that we have forgotten how to do with the busy lifestyles of today!

The good thing about discovering a method that works for you is that your body will easily and automatically go to this state once you practice it enough! I remember taking a yoga class after I learned how to connect. It only took two breaths and I clearly heard, “you’re in,” meaning I was in the relaxed state!

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-follow method to tap into higher consciousness, that doesn’t involve exercise or drugs, I have you covered!

If you want to learn how to deal with today’s issues, be a better human, live a more peaceful and happier life, or be more creative, then I invite you to download my free Connect to Transform Process ™  at


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What if I told you that you could establish a connection like no other?

  • A connection that would help guide you on your life’s journey.
  • A connection that could help you answer all of life’s nagging questions.
  • A connection that would help you live your best life.
  • A connection that could transform everything.

Would you be interested?

Some people claim a connection to God, Jesus, or their higher power. What I am talking about is similar in nature, but you don’t need a religious practice to access this connection. You could even think of them as “helpers” to your higher power, whomever that is for you.

What I am talking about is connecting to your Spirit Guides.

“Your WHAT?” you might say!

Let me explain. We all have Spirit Guides. They are assigned to us for the duration of our Earthly life. Their job is to help guide us, answer questions, and get us to think about life so we can grow as human beings.

But there is a “catch.”

The “catch” is that we must ASK. Yes, they are not allowed to help us unless we ask for assistance.

Here's how it works:

  • Sit quietly and try to clear your mind. (This might take a bit of practice if you are a type A personality with a "to do" list a mile long ... but keep trying.)
  • Once you are in a calm and relaxed state of mind, ask to connect to your Spirit Guides.
  • Remain calm and open.
  • Listen.
  • Then ask your question.
  • Listen again.

This procedure does take a bit of practice and openness for it to occur. But I can assure you, with dedicated effort it will become seamless and automatic.

(Would you like to get this in an easy-to-print (and read) step-by-step PDF? Grab my Connect to Transform Process (tm) here.)

You can ask your Spirit Guides anything and they will respond with love and guidance in a non-judgmental fashion. They will gently make suggestions or point out another point of view that you may not have seen.

This is an easy way for all of us to learn to live our best lives…the one we were intended to live!

One morning, instead of going for a run or working on my next book, I decided to put a sweater on right over my nightgown, lace up my tennies and go for a peaceful walk around my small ranch.

This gift (which is how I see my time spent in nature) was such a revelation!

You see, the perception of my surroundings has changed immensely over the last five years.

Instead of seeing all the work to be done – the pruning, weeding, dry grass and unmown fields, I immersed myself in the beauty of it all. I was grateful I had managed to care for my place (which I call my oasis) all on my own after a rough road.

I spent a minute petting the neighbor’s two horses along the fence line. I said “good morning” to my ten chickens sitting on their perches in the coops – the 5 new chicks, the 3 layers and the 2 retirees.

All the while my dog, Pepper, was enjoying being outside with me. (I swear dogs can smile when you spend time with them!)

I focused on the new fruit emerging from the apple, cherry, peach and Asian pear trees.

I noticed the new growth on the citrus trees that had emerged after a cold winter.

I smiled when I walked past the grapes, whose long strands of new growth now skimmed the ground.

I cherished the first bloom of the white iceberg roses on the walkway that will soon be dropping their petals on the bricks like snowflakes.

I relished in the purple flowers that now graced the unmown fields because I ran out of time to mow them and just let it go.

Letting go, it seems, is the way to enjoy life more.

Do the best you can and let the rest go.

All that is required in life is that we do our best. We don’t get any extra credit for having a perfect yard – no weeds, nothing to prune, nothing to water or fertilize. All we get is the anxiety of not finishing the job and a longer “to do” list.

I encourage everyone to let it go. Do your best and remember to enjoy the journey.

I know my life is much happier now that I have done so.

Each morning we receive a gift from God, our Creator, Source, the Universe, or whomever / whatever you believe in.

It is not just the wonderful gift of another glorious day on the planet for which we should be eternally grateful.

No … There is a much bigger gift we receive.

You see, early in the morning when we first awaken and before we are truly, fully awake and amidst all the robust activities of the day, we receive another great gift.

It is the gift of connection to Universe and all that is.

Yep, that’s a big one to understand.

You see, at that time our brains are more malleable and open to change. It is a time when we are more relaxed and able and willing to listen to new ideas.

It is when we are more open and able to listen to our higher power, or some would say – our higher consciousness.

If this doesn’t make sense to you yet on your spiritual journey, just suffice it to say, it does happen, and YOU can take advantage of it.

Here is how:

Instead of spending part of your first waking hour or two on things like watching the news or social media, instead – learn to meditate, quiet your mind, be mindful, LISTEN and ASK questions for which you need direction.

You will learn things about yourself, life, mankind, and how you can live a better life.

This works best because you are already in a semi-relaxed state and your vibrations are high. Once you are side-tracked with daily hustle and bustle, it’s harder to get in this deeper meditative state.

I know this works because it works for me.

It works for others too. If you have ever heard of “Conversations with God” by Neil Donald Walsh, “A Course in Miracles”, or “Ask and It is Given” by Esther Hicks, then you already know that one can connect with other sources and receive direct information to share with the masses.

I routinely do this when meditating. I have received great guidance and wisdom. I have even transcribed an entire book using this method (to be released soon).

This is something WE ALL can do. The best time to do so is the early morning when we are relaxed, our vibrations are high, and we are most open to receiving/learning what we need to know.

Open this “gift” every morning and start guiding yourself to a higher consciousness.

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