A Past Life Snippet

by Janie J


I want to see a past life snippet.


(Spirit Guides:)

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Why should we do

Anything for you?



‘Cause I’m made

For greatness

As are we all.

Now please go ahead

And answer the call.


(Spirit Guides:)

Your man is an Indian -

Wise and true.

You are his woman -

Treasured, but blue.


Your origins were different

From his wise ways.

White folks were your parents

Living the American way.


Your children were many

Much to their dismay.

Lonely and in isolation,

You lived out your days.


For once your man gave you the children

He took his own life.

Not really on purpose

But to save his poor wife.


His journey was short

But painfully true

That we’re all related and

Actions of other do affect you.

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